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Ways to save and Improve ROI

Ways to Save on Postage & Improve ROI

Consider the following tips when preparing pieces for mailing to obtain the best value for your money:

- Make sure your mail is automation compatible

Mail that is able to be processed on our automated equipment costs less.  "Nonmachinable" mail will cost you more time and money.  To qualify for the lowest postage rates, your letter size piece must be:

Length: minimum – 5 inches; maximum – 11.5 inches

Height: minimum – 3.5 inches; maximum – 6.125 inches

Thickness – Maximum .25 inch

AVOID the following nonmachinable characteristics:

-          Enclosing items such as pens, pencils, or keys that create an uneven thickness

-          Envelopes with clasps, strings, buttons, or similar closure devices

-          Enclosures that cause the envelope to be too rigid

-          Envelopes with an aspect ratio (length divided by height) less than 1.3 or greater than 2.5

-          Enclosing anything in plastic

-          Addressing parallel to the shorter side of the mailpiece

-          Pieces with a thickness less than 0.009" if the envelope is larger than 4.5" x 6

- Insert more information into a single envelope

In January 22, 2012, the USPS (United States Postal Service) ruled that the second ounce is free for a first class automation or presorted letter, so TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS while remembering the maximum thickness is .25 inch.

- Convert from a flat to a letter size envelope

A considerable savings can be realized by converting from a flat size envelope to a letter size envelope.  Consider the following:

-          Duplex pages when possible

-          Narrow margins on each page

-          Decrease the size of your font

- Redesign parcels to flats

Save up to 30% in postage by redesigning parcels to flats.  Flats must be rectangular in shape, uniform in thickness and flexible.

- Mail class

When mailing non-personal letters and flats, consider standard (bulk) mail instead of first class mail.  If your time frame allows, these rates are much less expensive. Especially mailing locally, delivery time is excellent for standard mail.

- Utilize NCOA (National Change of Address) service

Don't waste time and money mailing to people that have moved.  Postage, material, and labor costs are wasted.  Let us run your mailing list through the USPS system and update your addresses.  This also insures that your message is delivered correctly and on time.

Be sure that all your mailings are able to be processed at the lowest possible postage rates.  Call us and let us review your mailpiece design and criteria prior to mailing.  Sometimes a slight alteration of the mailpiece can lower postage costs and mail processing fees.