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Marketing Strategies and Direct Mail

Marketing Strategies & Direct Mail

A recent scientific study indicates that direct mail makes a deeper and longer lasting impression on people’s brains than digital advertising.  Researchers used neuroscience technology to see which areas of the brain became active when participants viewed the same marketing message as a physical piece of direct mail and digitally on a computer screen; findings suggested the brain is more emotionally engaged and is potentially reflecting more on a response when viewing direct mail.  Simply said,  mail connects on a personal level by capturing the reader’s attention, interest and emotion.

Marketing strategists know that direct mail supplies the strongest leads and conversions.  While other channels are used in marketing campaigns, direct mail is often the primary vehicle. 

Remember the following points when designing a direct mail marketing campaign:

  1. Turn static print into an interactive call to action using a QR code, Snap Tag, or digital watermark
  2. Get personal with your message on a direct mail piece
  3. Direct mail offers limitless creative possibilities from postcards to dimensional mailers
  4. Target your audience with demographic aspects
  5. Direct mail can be used to communicate complete information about a product or service, or create awareness and interest in a new product
  6. Use incentives and offers (special introductory price, bill me later, coupon)

What Makes Consumers Open/Read Direct Mail?

55% - from a brand or company they know

51% - personally addressed to them

50% - interested in product or service

40% - interesting packaging, design, color, etc.

39% - can clearly see it contains a free sample/voucher

27% - local services or events

21% - because it’s a competition

Elements of Direct Mail

  1. The Offer
    • Special introductory price
    • Bill me later
    • Sale or coupon
  2. Mailing Lists and Databases
    • In house lists
    • External lists
    • Thousands of different lists available that classify consumers.
  3. The Direct Mail Package
    • Envelope
    • Self mailer
    • Postcard

Direct Mail Piece Specifications

Three most popular designs:

-          Postcard

-          Folded self mailer

-          Envelope

Popular design size restrictions:

-          Minimum size 3.5” x 5”

-          Maximum size 6.125” x 11.5”

-          Maximum size weight 3.3 oz

-          Maximum thickness ¼”


-          Presort standard (bulk)

Addressing standards:

-          A clear space must be available on all mail for the address (ideal 2 x 4)

-          A clear space must be available on all mail for the postage (minimum postage stamp size)