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Barcoding 101

Barcoded Mail Receives United States Postal Service Discounts

It takes the United States Postal Service (USPS) a lot more time, labor and money to sort mail manually than it does to scan barcodes electronically. Therefore, the USPS offers discounts on mail that carries a barcode and can be processed automatically. Barcoded mail (whether standard or first class) costs the USPS less to process, so they charge less.

Most recently, the USPS introduced the intelligent mail barcode making sorting, mailing and tracking more efficient than ever before. Two service levels are available with the IMB – basic and full. MailCo USA sprays a full service IMB using the most technologically advanced system available.

Barcoding mail is critical in moving today's mail. Experience the added discounts, increased visibility, and enhanced tracking available with MailCo USA's barcoding service.